Wednesday, 2 March 2011

Faberry Fandom Goes Wild an article on the phenomenon that is Faberry (Quinn Fabray and Rachel Berry on Glee)

Sunday, 2 January 2011

LGBT Reading Challenge

I'll be taking part in the LGBT challenge here this year. Books will be read and reviewed and they simply have to have a link to the LGBT community (I wonder if Anne Frank will be allowed as she does talk a bit about her sexuality in her diary...).

The other books I have planned are Unbearable Lightness by Portia De Rossi, Annie on my Mind (already read but intend to re-read) and Dear John, I Love Jane.

Tuesday, 21 December 2010

New Year Resolutions

I was reading's letter to Santa yesterday and this led me to think about New Year Resolutions-I can't believe 2010 has passed so quickly. I've never really set myself resolutions before but I think now is a great time to do so.

Alongside some personal illness issues I hope to work towards overcoming there are some more time and money saving challenges I'd like to pursue. One of the most obvious things for me to do surrounds my obsession and NEED to buy books, music and DVDs-I find it difficult to resist a bargain and the amount of books I've bought for about £2 over the past couple of years, desperate to read, I've honestly lost count of. I do want to read all these books, I have a huge thirst for reading yet during my A Levels stopped reading for pleasure. In secondary school I read a book a night! I was constantly at the library and that desire to read is still there, it's just a matter of getting in the right frame of mind to sit down and enjoy a book like I used to. I'm the same with music-just the odd song downloaded or CD bought from a bargain basket adds up to having a collection I listen to but hardly have time to appreciate or even discover new artists I maybe wouldn't find in a CD sale. There are so many artists promoting on the Internet these days and I could be missing listening to say a new tune every day.

My resolution is therefore inspired by a book entitled 'Howards End is on the Landing'. A project which saw the author abandon new book purchases for a year in order to appreciate the books she had in her own home-some of which she hadn't read, some of which she wanted to revisit. I find this idea a fascinating one and something well worth doing. I love books and will find it difficult not to buy new ones that look interesting but what's the use of buying and not getting around to reading as the guilt is always there that there are so many others you should have read before? Who knows, maybe I'm even missing out on some valuable lessons or wisdom sitting right in my own home.

For these reasons I've decided to starve myself of new purchases this coming year (obviously as someone starting university next year, I may have to buy certain study books). I don't wish to buy any more fiction or non essential non-fiction books until I've finished those of interest in my own home. I think a lot of adult lives are filled with 'must do this' or 'must read this' lists, leaving very little time or motivation to actually DO rather than THINK OF DOING. I desperately want to break this cycle and start doing.

I'll be doing the same for music-trying to discover new artists by visiting youtube and other sites or on recommendations (so if anyone has any please let me know! I'm particularly interested in light classical, traditional, country, acoustic, Indie, pop and light rock but am open to all music).

As for DVDs/entertainment I plan on revisiting old box sets I have and watching the odd documentary on the TV I might not have watched had I had another DVD to watch. I should probably also create some of my own entertainment and for that I plan on playing my violin more seriously than ever.

Unrelated resolution-learn German!

Thursday, 14 October 2010

Coming Out in the UK 2010

I feel so lucky to have begun my coming out journey in 2010. Although there are clearly still issues surrounding the acceptance of the LGBT community I am truly proud of the visibility being given to us in the UK at this time-this can only help us in the future.

This year alone there has been an overwhelming presence of lesbian and gay characters on television alongside high profile coming out stories. When I first began feeling comfortable with my sexuality I discovered Ellen's sitcom (thanks to the wonder that is Youtube-I can't find any DVDs for UK DVD players, if you can help me with that please comment!) which was the first time I truly had an 'aha I do belong' moment as I saw someone portraying the very emotions I was feeling on screen. There has been quite a dry spell of current LGBT relevant dramas, in my opinion, until recently.

 It turns out this is like waiting for a bus though-in the past few years Skins generation 2 has given us Naomily-the touching story of two sixth form girls discovering and coming to terms with their sexuality (I suggest you take a look at's recaps of their story if you, like me, were obviously living under a rock when it was actually airing). If in the UK it can also be seen on 4oD for free. Although I can relate to their feelings Skins, I think it's fair to say, isn't representative of the average sixth formers life-containing heavy drug use and covering some dark material it isn't one for the fainthearted. At this point Coronation Street came to my rescue.

After years (and believe me, I mean from when I was in the womb) I have complained of people's love for this soap-I prefer watching television to be a lighthearted affair and Coronation Street has had quite a few dark and dismal storylines. When a longstanding character in the show (Sophie Webster) began having feelings for herschool friend Sian I was hooked instantly, along with a million other girls and women who could watch this soap legitimately (unlike some of the more wild lesbian storylines, tucked away at some insane hour of the night) in their front rooms, complete with family. Even then I found it difficult to contain my sudden excitement at this show. Their story is very easy to relate too, even though I've never been in love with my best friend-some people have criticised its lack of drama and passion compared to Skins however, its scheduling and the fact that these two characters are younger than Naomily mean the writers have to take a more subtle approach. I love the love portrayed between Siophie though and feel it mirrors what I'm likely to feel like when falling in love. It's set to be long term too so love it while it's here! My Siophie fanvid can be found here

Anne Lister was a period drama with a difference-the story of a woman living in a time when lesbians weren't recognised who just wanted to spend her life with 'the fairer sex'. I found this and the accompanying documentary of her life, presented by the wonderful Sue Perkins, to be very eye opening and still relevant today of the very basics of lesbian love.

Now Lipservice has started here in the UK and I'll try and review it when I've seen it (I've only managed to watch half of it up to now). In the meantime there are some good reviews on Niche Girls and

As for real life celebrity coming outs sadly, here in the UK, we are lacking lesbians-especially young lesbians coming out. We have however had the rather high profile coming out of X Factor 2009 winner Joe McElderry (to whom I owe my own coming out-it was so wonderful to have a role model my age who had gone through the same emotions as myself) and recently Kieron Richardson (Hollyoaks actor but I know him from Dancing on Ice). The more high profile celebrities that can come out the better it is for the LGBT community-it leads to a sense of belonging and normality for those struggling to come to terms with themselves and that is a very good thing.

Sunday, 10 October 2010

LGBT Youth, Faith and Society

Before introducing myself fully I feel the need to comment on the recent suicides of young people in the USA because of their sexuality. In 2010 I find it unbelievable that people can be made to feel so uncomfortable, unwelcomed and above all terrified of themselves in one of the world's most developed countries. These young people were born into a country that is constantly fighting for human rights and talks of its people being free yet there are still minorities that feel excluded from this. Until every single person can feel comfortable in their own skin I'm afraid to say I don't believe we do have freedom or full human rights; to be unable to acknowledge who you are is the worst thing in the world and a freedom everyone should have.

One of the most hurtful things among these suicides is the reality that an awful lot of homophobia both in the UK and USA stems from a faith that promises to accept you for who you are. A faith that I am part of-Christianity. I am a very proud Christian and a very proud member of the LGBT community however, it is becoming more and more difficult to feel proud at belonging to a religion which, in my opinion, is being taken along a totally different route than I believe Jesus preached of in the New Testament. This is a Jesus who states that the two most important commandments revolve around love yet a lot of what I hear when listening to some Christians speak about homosexuality is far from love, it is pure hate. I have even heard those Christians against homosexuality, who believe it is a choice, who believe it is a Sin say they are not homophobic or hateful yet they don't seem to realise that by stating that something such an integral part to our human development, that is within us, that we can't change is a sin is hateful and more worryingly can lead us to hate ourselves.

In a world where there are so many issues to tackle I can't help but think the Christian community should be welcoming all believers in order to present a united front against the real issues-those that endanger life, that mean children are dying from poverty across the globe, that wars are being fought every day not to mention the bullying that attitudes such this only contributes too. If you are a Christian with this attitude towards homosexuality I ask you to seriously examine your attitude carefully-forget for a second the one or two verses in the Bible that you use for your arguments, as they can be affected by interpretation, translation and historical context and look instead to the way of living set out by the Messiah we waited for all those years-what would Jesus do if he witnessed your attitude and the effect it was having on so many lives?

To anyone out there struggling with their sexuality and/or faith don't hesitate to get in touch-I also recommend looking at the videos on Youtube as part of the 'It gets better' project here . Stay strong-you are part of the future and we must be the voice of change!

Friday, 17 September 2010

A Blog of a Life

I've thought about starting a blog many times but have always become hung up on choosing a theme for it. I've finally come to the decision to write about life; the fact is life doesn't follow one path or only concentrate on one theme however much our life may be centred around one thing. So this blog is where I will write about my life, my passions, my thoughts and current issues along with anything that takes my fancy. So, if you're interested in life and all that it includes then this is the blog for you.

At first I'll tell you a bit about myself so you can see something of where my views might stem from but from then on anything goes so there could be topics along themes of politics, welfare, religion, education, equality, disabilities, literature, history and maybe even a bit of popular culture thrown in.

I've no idea where this will go...neither do you. I guess that's the fun!